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Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament – Newsletters

Golf Newsletters
and winner of the year

2023 – Jaap van Emmerik

2022 – Han Dieke

2019 – Ron van der Meulen 

2018 – Ton van Deursen 

2017 – Steve Williams

2016 – Robert Rijnsburger

2015 – Arian van der Werff

2014 – Leo van Rijn

2013 – Leo van Rijn

2012 – Kevin Wall

2011 – Grégory Jamet

2010 – Frans de Vries

2009 – Onno Pietersma

2008 – Jacco Klerk

2007 – Peter Loonen

2006 – Steve Netto

2005 – Michael Donohoe

2004 – Ronald van den Bergh

2003 – Erik Goedhart

2002 – Ron Blom

2001 – Tjapko van Wijk

2000 – René van Doorn

1999 – Tjapko van Wijk

Each year on the second Tuesday of September the Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament is hosted by VZM Management Services. More than 130 customers and relations of VZM have one or more times participated in this tournament.The first edition was organized in 1999 together with Celsius AviocompNetherlandsat the Houtrak golf course near Amsterdam. Since 2003 the tournament moved to Nunspeet to the golfe course Rijk van Nunspeet.The Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy

The experienced players participate in the 18-hole match, while for the inexperienced golfers participate in an attractive and challenging golf clinic.

Since the sad loss of Hans Minnee in 2003 the trophy for the winner was renamed in his honor: the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy, a sculpture made by Gary Price. Hans was the driving force behind the start of the golf tournament and discovered the sculpture himself during a business trip to theUS.

You can read more about each tournament in the Golf Newsletter of the year.

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