VZM Management Services

Typical performed projects by VZM

Following is an overview of the projects performed by VZM Management Services. Many of them were a combination of interim-management and consultancy support.

  • Start-up of a Low Cost Carrier
  • Merger of airlines including project management
  • Turnaround management, taking executive position at MROs
  • Renewed airline business strategy and performance improvement
  • Improve airlines’ operational performance of airlines and of departments like OCC, Ground Ops, Maintenance
  • Benchmark aircraft maintenance programs and performance
  • Professionalize marketing and sales of MROs
  • Redesign of purchasing architecture at airlines
  • Professionalize marketing & sales of MROs
  • Redesign of intercompany processes and work distribution with main customer of a cargo handler, aimed at improving mutual efficiency and costs
  • Organizational assessments and successful reorganization of MROs
  • Merger of the technical departments of sister airlines
  • Improvement of management information at airlines and MROs
  • Feasibility study for the integration of technical departments of an airline and one of its regional subsidiaries
  • Organizational improvement of an aviation supply chain management company
  • Engine shop interim management including introduction of a new engine type
  • Successful startup of manpower agency subsidiary, and develop new strategic plan parent
  • Support for surplus stock sale
  • Development of strategic plan to enter PMA market
  • US market analysis to support investment decision in MRO
  • Participation in the due diligence at several aircraft maintenance organizations
  • Development of business plan and investment case in Greenfield MRO facility
  • Support development of a maintenance business park
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