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Expanding customer base and VZM events back in 2022
January 2023

The best news of 2022 is of course the end of corona restrictions at most places in the world and a start of the recovery of the airline industry. VZM was able to expand its customer base further this year.

Thanks to the end of the restrictions VZM was after three years able to host a Diversium and a golf tournament again this year. In June the 15th Diversium titled Are airlines and MROs able to handle all the challenges they face? was well attended and appreciated. In September finally the 22nd edition of the Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament took place. It was clear that the participants were very happy the tournament was back again and they were looking forward to the 2023 edition.

In March VZM published its 22nd Market Outlook about the aviation sector turning the corona corner, while new challenges are looming.


Han Dieke with fond memories of Hans Minnee wins the trophy
September 2022

Due to the corona pandemic VZM was forced to postpone twice the 22nd edition of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament. Finally on September 13, 2022 – three years after the previous edition – VZM was able to host the event for its customers and relations.

Han Dieke became the 2022 winner of the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy. Han worked closely with Hans Minnee before he passed away, and in his winners-speech commemorated his last contacts with Hans. Winner of the clinic was Erwin van Straten, who also won a golf lesson offered by the Nunspeet golf club.

Once again, the participants could enjoy on a very nice summer day a round of golf and networking with colleagues from the industry.

Visit the Dutch Aviation Open page to view photos, find all scores and read more about this year's tournament.


VZM confident about 22nd Dutch Aviation Open
July 2022

Two years in a row VZM was unable to organize their golf tournament due to the corona pandemic. But VZM is confident that on September 13 this year it will be able to host the postponed 22nd edition of the Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament for its customers and relations. The experienced golfers will play to win the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy. For the inexperienced participants there will be a clinic.


Industry challenges discussed during 15th VZM Diversium
June 2022

At the June 16 Diversium industry leaders discussed the challenges they are facing and how to cope with them. The session Diversium 2022started with an introduction by Martijn de Vries, VP KLM Engine Services at AF-KLM. Among the issues discussed were labor shortages and supply chain constraints, uncertainties of the short-term market developments, and the importance of developing new solutions.

A summary of the discussions of the 15th VZM Diversium Are airlines and MROs able to handle all the challenges they face? can found on the VZM Publications page.



New challenges are looming for the aviation industry
March 2022

Just as the aviation sector is turning the corona corner, new challenges are looming. Geopolitical tensions, environmental concerns and the Great Resignation may delay a return to profitability for already debt-burdened airlines.

In our VZM Market Outlook 2022 for commercial aviation & maintenance we review these challenges. Exploding oil prices due to the conflict in Ukraine threatens economic growth in the upcoming years creating many uncertainties for heavily debt burdened airlines. It may delay but not prevent the recovery of the industry as there are strong signs of increased travel demand. These developments may provide aviation with a new leash of life as is can attract a new generation of engineers and technicians eager to join a multi-disciplinary team in a high-tech, attractive work environment.

We hope you enjoy this 22nd edition and look forward to your feedback and comments. Electronic copies of the Outlook along with other VZM publications are freely available to subscribers of the VZM website at the Info Center. If you are not a subscriber, simply click the "subscriptions" link at the top of this website. Subscription is free of charge and without obligation.

A hardcopy is available on request.


Bob Gaerttner retires from VZM after 19 years
February 2022

In 2003 Bob Gaerttner joined the VZM Management team and headed the US office. After 19 years Bob has decided to retire as a VZM partner.

During those years Bob has been active supporting customers with Business Development related projects. He served mostly North American aviation companies but has also been involved in supporting the team in Europe. Furthermore, Bob was also an important contributor the annual Market Outlook.

We thank Bob for his much-appreciated cooperation and friendship, as well as the important role he played in the difficult period after Hans Minnee passed away and developing VZM into the company it is today.

With the retirement of Bob, VZM has decided to close the US office, future projects will be managed from the Amsterdam office.