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Diversium participants discuss how to be attractive for people
October 2023

The aviation industry’s future is clouded by staff shortages, which means the industry needs to become smarter attracting and retaining people and value them as real assets. This was the main topic of the 16th Diversium VZM organized end of September with leaders from the industry. Ton van Deursen, founder and CEO of JetSupport presented his view on the subject as start of the discussions.

A summary of the discussions of the VZM Diversium Is the aviation industry capable of really putting people first? can found on the VZM Publications page.


Rookie Jaap van Emmerik wins 2023 Dutch Aviation Open
September 2023

Tuesday September 12, 2023 turned out to be a nice although quite warm day for the 23rd edition of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament. The pleasant conditions helped the participants to have high scores once again, like the ones in 2018. A score of 38 Stableford points was only good for third place. With 40 points, first time participant Jaap van Emmerik was this year’s winner of the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy.

2023 participants Dutch Aviation OpenInga Duglas scored just one point better than Mandeep Rana and won the clinic competition.

Based on the reactions of the participants it was again a great day for golf and networking. Still, it was a special edition as it was the first time Hans Zuidema, the cofounder of VZM Management Services was not attending as he had passed away earlier in the year.

Visit the Dutch Aviation Open page to view photos, find all scores and read more about this year's tournament.


Improving the lease aircraft transfer
July 2023

Many aircraft lease transfers struggle with keeping the complex process under control. Quite often the lessor and lessee are dissatisfied with the outcome, while the MRO – often in the middle – suffers too.

Based on its experience, VZM issued a short publication analyzing the problem and identifying the key solution areas. You can read it by clicking here. You will also find it on the VZM website at the Info Center.


VZM will attend the MRO Conference in Amsterdam
July 2023

In October VZM members will attend the MRO conference in Amsterdam. We will be delighted to meet briefly with you for general discussions. If you want to make meeting arrangements, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


The air transport industry faces a plethora of risks
March 2023

After dealing with the direct impact of corona the aviation sector must now contend with the indirect impact, supply line constrains and shortages, compounded by the effects of the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

In our VZM Market Outlook 2023 for commercial aviation & maintenance we once again review these challenges. The energy price volatility is affecting both airlines and MROs with little change expected in 2023. While global losses have decreased and some airlines have returned to profitability, others are still trying to cope with the challenges they face. The majority of MROs are struggling to meet the growing demand for their services, they will have to become even more innovative and flexible to meet future demand and customer expectations.

We hope you enjoy this 23rd edition and look forward to your feedback and comments. Electronic copies of the Outlook along with other VZM publications are freely available to subscribers of the VZM website at the Info Center. If you are not a subscriber, simply click the "subscriptions" link at the top of this website. Subscription is free of charge and without obligation.


VZM co-founder Hans Zuidema passed away
March 2023

It is with deepest regret we inform you that Hans Zuidema passed away on March 9. He was 76 years old.

Hans was one of the three founding members of VZM Management Services at the end of 1996 and was very instrumental in making the company what it is today.

He was active at many of VZM’s customers helping them implement changes in their organization. He worked with them to improve business performance with a focus on working with and coaching their people.

At the end of 2012 Hans officially retired, but he continued to help the team with several projects.

We will for ever keep Hans in our memories as he was such a great friend and colleague during all those years. We will miss him.


Expanding customer base and VZM events back in 2022
January 2023

The best news of 2022 is of course the end of corona restrictions at most places in the world and a start of the recovery of the airline industry. VZM was able to expand its customer base further this year.

Thanks to the end of the restrictions VZM was after three years able to host a Diversium and a golf tournament again this year. In June the 15th Diversium titled Are airlines and MROs able to handle all the challenges they face? was well attended and appreciated. In September finally the 22nd edition of the Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament took place. It was clear that the participants were very happy the tournament was back again and they were looking forward to the 2023 edition.

In March VZM published its 22nd Market Outlook about the aviation sector turning the corona corner, while new challenges are looming.