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2018 slower due to VZM team changes
January 2019

With the departure of two of its team members the VZM team was significant smaller during most of 2018. This resulted in less activities and projects performed by VZM. Activities started to pick-up again in the second half in which two new members joined the team: Johan Bank and Steve Williams.

Finally, at the 20th edition of VZM’s popular Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament, Ton van Deursen managed to win the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy. Ton was with Hans Minnee the initiator of this tournament back in 1999.

In June VZM organized the 13th Diversium titled Can airlines still expect service from its consolidating suppliers? With lively discussions it turned out to be a very successful event with business leaders from all sectors of the industry. René Kalmann, former VP Procurement AFI-KLM E&M, made the introduction.

The 18th edition of VZM’s Market Outlook for commercial aviation & maintenance was published in March. Both the Market Outlook and a summary of the Diversium are freely accessible for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter at the VZM Publication page. Subscription is free of charge and without any obligations.


Ton van Deursen wins edition 20 of VZM Dutch Aviation Open
October 2018

Ton van Deursen winning 20th editionThe first two editions of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament were co-hosted with Celsius Aviocomp Netherlands. Hans Minnee and Ton van Deursen were the initiators of this event, and after Hans Minnee passed away the challenge trophy was named after him.

For many years Ton hoped to become the winner of this Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy. He attended every tournament except for one, but the closest he made it was 3rd in 2005. Until this year when on September 11 he finally managed to become winner of the tournament. And this time Marco Smit won the clinic competition beating all the veterans.

It was another splendid day for the Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament. The average score of the group continued to improve, a continuous increase we have seen since the last seven editions. Here the introduction of new participants – 20% of this year’s players started attending in this period – certainly helped push the score to higher levels.2018 VZM Dutch Aviation Open participants

At the start Johan Bank and Steve Williams were introduced as the two new members of the VZM team. Together with all the participants they were taking advantage of the ample opportunity of networking on this day. To be continued next year on September 10, 2019.

Visit the Dutch Aviation Open page to view photos, find all scores and read more about this year's tournament.


Johan Bank and Steve Williams start at VZM Management Services
September 2018

Two new members have joined the VZM Management Services team on September 1, 2018: Johan Bank and Steve Williams.

Johan BankJohan Bank last position was VP Engineering at KLM Engineering & Maintenance, where he also has been MRO Director for Engine Services, Senior Chief Flight Engineer and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. His 40 years of experience in the industry, extensive experience with process improvement project focused on reducing turn times, quality and costs makes him an experienced change leader for all areas of commercial aviation maintenance and airline operation, both as consultant or interim-manager.

Steve WilliamsSteve Williams last position was VP Technical with PrivatAir. Since leaving Air Berlin in 2013 he has been involved in several projects covering both commercial and maintenance aspects of MRO and airline operations. His 38 years of experience, covering all areas of aircraft maintenance and airline operations especially regarding Line Maintenance and commercial aspects of maintenance services. It makes him an experienced change manager with a unique understanding of maintenance and commercial requirements of airlines and MROs.


Successful VZM Diversium about effects of supplier consolidation
July 2018

With increased consolidation of the suppliers in the commercial aviation market the risk might be that service will deteriorate as the dominance of these consolidating suppliers increases and their organizations are becoming very complex. The participants of the 13th VZM Diversium on June 14 had lively discussions about this topic. Also the drivers behind and effects of OEMs in the aftermarket were addressed. René Kalmann, former VP Procurement AFI-KLM E&M, made the introduction for a group of senior leaders from different stakeholders in the industry.

A summary of the discussions of the Diversium Can airlines still expect service from its consolidating suppliers? can be found on the VZM Publications page.


Bullish economy, thriving industry, but uncertainties remain in VZM’s 2018 Market Outlook
March 2018

Despite a bullish economy, the global uncertainties remain high with increased geopolitical tensions, protectionism on the rise, and political risks in Europe. Oil prices slowly rise fueled by a higher demand and OPEC growth restrictions thereby potentially dampening future airline profits as global airline and cargo revenue increase.

In our VZM Market Outlook 2018 for commercial aviation & maintenance we look back and provide our thoughts regarding future developments.

North American airlines still earn almost half of the world’s profits with their European counterparts showing a strong increase in profitability throughout the year. Overall, 2018 is the 8th profitable year in a row representing the longest positive cycle during the last 25 years. However, the recent introduction of next gen aircraft and engines has not been entirely flawless and adversely affect airlines’ operational performance. Maintenance, on the other hand, will continue to thrive assisted by the introduction of new technologies and the urge to adapt in order to successfully compete in an ever-changing world.

We hope you enjoy this 18th edition and look forward to your feedback and comments. The Market Outlook along with other VZM publications are freely available to subscribers of the VZM website at the Info Center. If you are not a subscriber, simply click the Subscribe-link. Subscription is free of charge and without obligation.

A hardcopy is available on request.


Changes in the VZM team
March 2018

In the first quarter of 2018 the VZM team is to change as Theo Hermans and Andreas Reichert are retiring from VZM.

Theo has been a member of the VZM team for eight years and most of his projects have been interim-management assignments. He has been very active with customers in the Nordic countries.

Andreas joined VZM in September 2016 and during his period has been a very successful team member. He too has mostly been active as interim-manager with VZM customers.

With their departure VZM loses two very appreciated team members, and VZM thanks both for their contributions to VZM’s customers as well as to the team. We wish them all the best for the future.