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Harnessing Everyday Genius describes how the French tire manufacturer Michelin has dramatically increased the authority and accountability of workers on the front lines. The empowerment has delivered half a billion dollars in manufacturing improvements.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020)


How Narcissistic Leaders Destroy from Within describes the negative effects leaders have on an organization if they are malignant, self-serving, and behave unethical. It might inspire readers to become better leaders and/or be more careful in selecting candidates for leadership positions.
(Insights by Stanford Business, April 30, 2020)


Sustaining Employee Networks in the Virtual Workplace discusses what managers must act to keep connections positive and productive when a large-scale move to remote working diminishes organizational networks and strains relationships.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2020)


The Case for a Chief of Staff advocates how a person in this role can make leaders more focused and productive. It describes the different type of Chief of Staff roles and responsibilities and it what situations each of these roles are most effective.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2020)


What Managers Get Wrong About Capital explains why companies should assess the performance of its investment based on market value instead of on a traditional EVA (economic value added) basis. It prevents selling off business units based on the wrong expectations. A bit of a technical article, but still interesting to better understand why private equity firms do so well.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2020)


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