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Airlines’ Emissions Halved During the Pandemic. Can the Industry Preserve Some of Those Gains as Travel Rebounds? describes the airline industry’s post-pandemic challenge to revive their businesses while lowering their emissions long term.
(Time Magazine, June 7, 2021)


How A Major European Airline Group Is Learning From Outside In shows how an outsider can see what the industry experts are missing. It tells how Lufthansa uses distribution technologies from outside the industry.
(ATW, May 2021)


What the West Gets Wrong About China elaborates on three widely shared but essentially false assumptions about modern China as reason why leaders in the West persist in getting China so wrong.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2021)


Why Good Arguments Make Better Strategy explains why formal processes, constructive debate, and logical rigor the key ingredients are to crafting consistently great strategies. It describes how a strategy map enable iterative visualization, facilitating constructive debates.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2021)


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