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Ready for a Recession? emphasizes the importance of preparing for a possible recession and to be aware that many of the younger managers have not experienced a recession in such a position. But even the experienced need to avoid a false sense of confidence.
(CFO Magazine, February/March 2019)


Remembering Herb Kelleher: An Unparalleled Innovator in Commercial Aviation is a tribute to the man behind Southwest Airlines’ success. Still an inspiring story for any airline and (aviation) business.
(Fortune, February 2019)


The Collaboration Blind Spot emphasizes that leaders – to make collaborative initiatives successful – must first identify threats to a group’s security and take steps to minimize these threats and discourage defensive behaviors by the group. Too often groups feel threatened by calls for collaboration with other groups and stall the project.
(Harvard Business Review, March-April 2019)


The Feedback Fallacy describes why managers will never produce great performance from employees by identifying what they think is their failure and telling people how to correct it. Learning rests on our grasp of what we’re doing well, not what we’re doing poorly, and certainly not on someone else’s sense of what we’re doing poorly.
(Harvard Business Review, March-April 2019)


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