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Airlines, Governments Must Fundamentally Change Air Transport Model elaborates about the needed change in the airline industry given its parlous financial position.
(Air Transport World, April 8, 2022)


Manage Your Organization as a Portfolio of Learning Curves advocates to use the S Curve of Learning for talent development, succession planning, and team configuration. The curve represents the way people develop competence: slow at the start, followed by rapid upward progress, and at the end the curve flattens because there is little left to learn.
(Harvard Business Review, January-February 2022)


The Messy but Essential Pursuit of Purpose offers practical examples that leaders can use to think creatively about how to deliver both positive social and positive commercial outcomes.
(Harvard Business Review, March-April 2022)


Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation presents the results of research to better understand the sources of this phenomenon. It reveals the top five predictors of attrition and four actions managers can take in the short term to reduce attrition. 
(MIT Sloan Management Review, January 11, 2022)


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