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A New Era for Culture, Change, and Leadership is a dialogue between Edgar and Peter Schein about their perspectives on organizational life, a brief history of ideas leading up to this moment, and their thoughts about the future. They advocate organizations and the people within them need close relationships to thrive.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2019)


Future-Proof Your Climate Strategy recommends companies to protect themselves against “climate risk” putting a monetary value via internal carbon prices (ICPs) on their own emissions to better prepare for success in a lower-carbon world. It explains the process firms go through to set their ICP and how they used it.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2019)


The One Thing You Need to Know About Managing Functions describes the problems of the unconscious strategies of functions and outlines a strategy-making framework to help functions strengthen the capabilities that set their company apart.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2019)


Your Workforce Is More Adaptable Than You Think shows that an extensive survey reveals a surprising gap between executive being pessimistic about employees being able to adapt in an era of rapid change and the employees who are not. It identifies five important ways what employers can do to tap into the vast reserve of talent and energy companies have in their workers.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2019)


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