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Being the Agile Boss emphasizes agile leadership matters now more than ever. It explains three imperatives of great leadership: managing your team, managing your network and managing yourself.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2020)


Is Remote Work Working? discusses the need to rethink the post-pandemic workplace, as the experience with remote work proofs there are benefits but also pitfalls to take into account.
(CFO Magazine, October 2020)


Stop Overengineering People Management warns against the recent popularity of workforce optimization which treats labor as a commodity and seeks to cut it to a minimum by using automation and artificial intelligence. However, there is no evidence that this improves business results better than empowerment of people. It advocates to find the right mix of the two approaches, like the successful “lean production” model first introduced by Toyota does.
(Harvard Business Review, September-October 2020)


What’s Your Negotiation Strategy? advocates to look beyond the immediate counterparts to see if other constituencies have a stake in the deal’s outcome or value to contribute; rethink the scope and timing of talks; and search for connections across multiple deals. It will allow dealmakers to find novel sources of leverage, realize bigger opportunities, and achieve outcomes that maximize value for both sides.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020)


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