VZM Management Services

Tuesday September 12, 2023 turned out to be a nice although quite warm day for the 23rd edition of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament. The pleasant conditions helped the participants to have high scores once again, like the ones in 2018. A score of 38 Stableford points was only good for third place. With 40 points, first time participant Jaap van Emmerik was this year’s winner of the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy.

2023 participants Dutch Aviation OpenInga Duglas scored just one point better than Mandeep Rana and won the clinic competition.

Based on the reactions of the participants it was again a great day for golf and networking. Still, it was a special edition as it was the first time Hans Zuidema, the cofounder of VZM Management Services was not attending as he had passed away earlier in the year.

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