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We may be in the midst of a golden age for the airline industry be it in terms of aircraft production orders and backlogs or maintenance needs. This however leads to scarcity of resources as it becomes increasingly difficult to find trained personnel and readily available spare parts to support this continuous growth.

In our VZM Market Outlook 2019 for commercial aviation & maintenance we look back at recent events and provide our thoughts regarding future developments.

Although the airline industry’s growth is diminishing in line with the world economy, capacity constraints are the talk of the town. OEMs struggle to keep pace with demand for new aircraft, supply chains are stretched beyond capacity and labor shortages are becoming a serious factor now. At the same time various interest groups oppose airport expansion in the Western world as the public opinion starts to consider the airline industry as a contributor to global warming. Technological advancements are needed to support further growth in our industry and to meet the emission targets set by the Paris Accord.

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