VZM Management Services

With the departure of two of its team members the VZM team was significant smaller during most of 2018. This resulted in less activities and projects performed by VZM. Activities started to pick-up again in the second half in which two new members joined the team: Johan Bank and Steve Williams.

Finally, at the 20th edition of VZM’s popular Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament, Ton van Deursen managed to win the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy. Ton was with Hans Minnee the initiator of this tournament back in 1999.

In June VZM organized the 13th Diversium titled Can airlines still expect service from its consolidating suppliers? With lively discussions it turned out to be a very successful event with business leaders from all sectors of the industry. René Kalmann, former VP Procurement AFI-KLM E&M, made the introduction.

The 18th edition of VZM’s Market Outlook for commercial aviation & maintenance was published in March. Both the Market Outlook and a summary of the Diversium are freely accessible for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter at the VZM Publication page. Subscription is free of charge and without any obligations.