VZM Management Services

In 2016 the VZM team was expanded with the start of Andreas Reichert in September. His 30-year hands-on experience in aircraft maintenance, holding positions like COO at Haitec Aircraft Maintenance GmbH and Director Maintenance at Air Berlin Luftfahrttechnik Düsseldorf makes him a valuable addition to the team.

The year proofed to be very successful with most of the turnover coming from interim assignments, with team members being active in countries like Belgium, France and Sweden.

Robert Rijnsburg won this year’s edition of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament on the hottest day ever played in this event’s history. He took home the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy until the next tournament in September 2017.

At the end of the year VZM organized its 12th Diversium on the topic “Can airlines still be in control of their own maintenance costs?” The introduction was done by Heiko Holm, Technical Director at Wizz Air. A summary of the discussions as well as the 2016 VZM Market Outlook can be found at the VZM Publication page, freely accessible for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter.