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Frans de Vries (left) winner in the wetFrans the Vries is extremely proud and honored to be this year’s winner of the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy 2010. It came totally as a surprise. “Looking back things felt right as from the start. A nice well balanced group, my shots where stable and I played several holes close to par,” Frans tells. He started his golf career in the Dutch Aviation Open clinic many years ago and was immediately captured by the game. However, he never expected to become one of the Trophy winners and that is the beauty of golf.

After many years of terrific near-Mediterranean weather, this year the participants had to suffer lot of rain. Combined with the famous Dutch crosswind the rain not only fell from above but sneaked in also from asides. The competition however did not suffer too much from it. In spite of wet clothing and soaking shoes the spirit amongst the players was great and the weather conditions challenged the golf skills of many of the players.

Henk Hansler won the clinic, while Leo van Rijn hit the straightest fairway shot and won the Nearest to the Centerline competition

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