VZM Management Services

2011 was another excellent year for VZM Management Services. Revenues did grow once more, ranking 2011 in the top three of the 15 year VZM history. The customer base expended further and consists of 75% European based companies, of which half outside the Netherlands. The other 25% are based in the US. They include airlines, MROs, OEMs and other aviation related companies. Almost 5% of the turnover in the 15 years have been generated supporting non-aviation customers.

In the second quarter of last year Ron van Manen joined the EU Clean Sky Joint Undertaking as the Program’s Technology Evaluation Officer, leaving the VZM team.

In March VZM published the 11th edition of its popular Market Outlook, which continuously attracts new subscribers to the VZM website.

In September Grégory Jamet of Transavia France won the VZM Dutch Aviation Open Golf Tournament on a splendid day with sunshine and a very nice temperature. “I played reasonably”, was his modest reaction when he received the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy.