VZM Management Services

The twelfth year of VZM Management Services turned out to be another profitable year with record braking revenues in the first half of 2008. Typical projects for this year were developing a reorganization plan for an independent MRO and modification & conversion center, further develop the organization at a LCC and interim-General Manager at a global materials management and parts distribution company. Furthermore, VZM supported the management team of a non-aviation company designing a new business architecture.

In July Ronald van den Bergh, former Vice President Maintenance & Engineering of Martinair, joined the VZM Management Team. Ronald has almost 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. At the end of the year Ruud Dalinghaus left the team after being a member since 2005. He decided to become a Mathematics teacher at aDutchHigh School.

On September 9 VZM hosted the 10th edition of its popular golf tournament The Dutch Aviation Open. This year’s winner was Jacco Klerk, whileTheo Hermans won the Nearest to the Centerline competition, winning the F16 model. Tijmen de Groen turned out the have a real talent for golf and easily won the Clinic competition.

In March VZM published the Commercial Aviation & Maintenance Market Outlook for the 8th time. The Outlook can be found at the VZM Publications page.