VZM Management Services

2015 proved to be another excellent year for VZM Management Services with a slightly increased turnover compared to the year before. The customer base expanded further with another 10%, mostly aviation related customers. Once again interim-management support generated the majority of the revenue. VZM was mainly active in the Nordic European countries, Belgium, France and Australia.

What are opportunities of airline group maintenance consolidations? was the topic of the Diversium organized in February. After an introduction by Jaakko Schildt from Thomas Cook a group of senior leaders from the industry had an animated discussion on the subject.

In September Arian van der Werff from Transavia was the amazed winner of the Hans Minnee Challenge Trophy at the 17th edition of the VZM Dutch Aviation Open Golf Tournament.

Collapsing oil prices and European legacy airlines facing “Barbarians at the Gate” were among the topics discussed in the 15th edition of VZM’s popular Market Outlook, which can be found at the the VZM Publication page, like the report of the Diversium. These publications are freely accessible for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter. Subscription is free of charge and without any obligations