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What’s Your Negotiation Strategy? advocates to look beyond the immediate counterparts to see if other constituencies have a stake in the deal’s outcome or value to contribute; rethink the scope and timing of talks; and search for connections across multiple deals. It will allow dealmakers to find novel sources of leverage, realize bigger opportunities, and achieve outcomes that maximize value for both sides.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020)


A New Approach to Contracts champions a totally different kind of arrangement for a partnerlike relationship and trust needed to cope with external uncertainty. It describes five steps to craft a formal relational contract that creates a flexible framework designed to foster collaboration in complex strategic relationships over the long term.
(Harvard Business Review, September-October 2019)


How to negotiate with a liar outlines five tactics that research has shown to be effective to defend yourself against deception.
(Harvard Business Review, July-Augustus 2016)


Control the Negotiation Before It Begins offers advice on avoiding costly mistakes before negotiations start. It presents four factors that can have a tremendous impact on negotiation outcomes and provides guidance on what negotiators should be doing before either side starts worrying about offers, counteroffers, and bargaining tactics.
(Harvard Business Review, December 2015)


How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers provides a framework with fore steps to determine the least-risky strategy option that is feasible for your organization.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2015)


Leading the Way with Inventory Management explains the benefits of using RFID technology and how Delta Air Lines’ TechOps implemented it.
(Aircraft IT MRO, February-March 2013) – free access

Ready for Anything
is all about risk management in the supply chain. Although not very extensive, the article provides some helpful examples for reexamining your own supply chain.
(CFO Magazine, April 2009) – free access

Sucking it up
discusses the effects high fuel prices have on supply-chain management strategies. The higher transportation costs make people rethink strategies like outsourcing and JIT.
(CFO Magazine, April 2008) – free access

Seven Myths about Outsourcing
provides very simple but true lessons to be learned when outsourcing. The recommendations are also useful for companies who purchase services never performed in-house.
(Business Insight, June 15, 2007)


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