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What the West Gets Wrong About China elaborates on three widely shared but essentially false assumptions about modern China as reason why leaders in the West persist in getting China so wrong.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2021)


Globalization 4.0 discusses the rising discontent among citizens around the world and its effect on global integration. Have we reached peak globalization?
(Global Finance, January 2020)

Where Autistic Workers Thrive
discusses the advantage of hiring autistic employees who can achieve more work than their typical colleagues, of course depending on the roles.
(Fortune Magazine, July 1, 2018)

Cold Showers Lead to Fewer Sick Days
is an interview about research leading to this conclusion, although the exact effect of cold showers on the immune system is unclear. A story direct from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ? For the reader to decide or to test himself …..
(Harvard Business Review, March-April 2018)

Why The Electric Car Boom Could Cause Another Oil Price Crash
explains how an increased use of electric cars can reduce demand for oil and cause a downturn in prices in 2020s.
(Oilprice.com, February 2, 2017)

What It Takes to Reshore Manufacturing Successfully discusses the challenges of reshoring: stabilizing the workforce, addressing organizational skills gaps, rethinking the capital/labor ratio, localizing the supply base and rethinking product design to leverage the proximity to manufacturing. Although most of the observations in this article are specific to reshoring in the United States, they contain insights that are relevant to markets and production around the globe.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2014)

The End of Cheap Labor in China
discusses the rapid increasing costs in China narrowing the gap with the western world. A study shows that by 2015 China’s average wages will be 69% of that of the US. 
(Time Magazine, June 27, 2011)

China vs the World: Whose Technology Is It?
discusses China’s quest for high-tech dominance and what strategies foreign companies have been using to protect their technologies and innovation.
(Harvard Business Review, December 2010)

Really, Really Cheap Oil
presents a refreshing but distinctly minority view on the future of oil and fuel prices by Michael C. Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research.
(Forbes Magazine, October 2, 2006)

Overcoming dyslexia
discusses a wide variety of business leaders and artists who have gone beyond the limitations of dyslexia. Not only inspiring for people who need to deal with this phenomenon.
(Fortune Magazine, May 13, 2002)


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