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Environment and global warming

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The Essential Link Between ESG Targets & Financial Performance offers a six-step process that companies can use to fully integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance into their core business models. In doing so, they will create an economy that truly works to close social inequities and restore natural ecosystems.
(Harvard Business Review, September-October 2022)


How green can we make air travel? And how soon? elaborates about sustainable aviation and the challenges to build large zero-emission aircraft.
(National Geographic Magazine, October 2021)


Airlines’ Emissions Halved During the Pandemic. Can the Industry Preserve Some of Those Gains as Travel Rebounds? describes the airline industry’s post-pandemic challenge to revive their businesses while lowering their emissions long term.
(Time Magazine, June 7, 2021)


“It Will Need to Be the Most Amazing Thing Humankind Has Ever Done” is an interview with Bill Gates about the need to reduce emissions and the difficulty of that undertaking.
(Harvard Business Review, March-April 2021)


Should Businesses Stop Flying to Fight Climate Change? provides four arguments why there are still good reasons for flying. It includes ideas on how businesses can do better to consciously reduce flying to only essential trips.
(MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2020)

Future-Proof Your Climate Strategy
recommends companies to protect themselves against “climate risk” putting a monetary value via internal carbon prices (ICPs) on their own emissions to better prepare for success in a lower-carbon world. It explains the process firms go through to set their ICP and how they used it.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2019)

Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation
advocates companies to become environment-friendly because in the future only companies that make sustainability a goal will achieve competitive advantage. It describes a five-stage process to become sustainable and inspiring examples of results in each of them.
(Harvard Business Review, September 2009) – access fee

Ban short-haul flights
is an interview with the hard-line protest organization Plane Stupid. Their proposals are controversial for the aviation community, but their spokesman argues they are necessary for the survival of the planet. The interview gives a good inside of what “the other side” drives and proposes.
(Aviation and the Environment, October/November 2008) – free access

Carbon Trading
provides an overview of the offset trading going on today, explains the sense and nonsense of some offset programs and the risks involved.
(CFO Magazine, January 2008) – free access

Competitive Advantage on a Warming Planet
is an inspiring article on assessing how the global warming will affect your business and what new sources of competitive advantage it can create. It provides four practical steps to mitigate climate-related risks and seizing new opportunities for competitive advantage.
(Harvard Business Review, March 2007)

Global warning
the climate change impact of aviation – is an informative article about the pertinent issues surrounding the debate on global warming and the aviation industry. It ascertains where the industry stands in relation to the environment and assesses how that position will change in the future.
(Airline Fleet & Network Management, January/February 2007)
Unfortunately this article is not available on the web

Green Scene
provides an overview of environmental efforts taken in the aviation industry. Besides attention for (CO2) emissions, there is much attention for hazardous wastes. Although the article focuses on engine manufacturers and is quite technical, it still gives in interesting insight of these initiatives.
(Overhaul & Maintenance, January 2007)

How business saw the light
discusses the phenomenon of smart companies using the environment not just to look to seem virtuous, but to crush their rivals.
(Time Magazine, January 15, 2007)


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