VZM Management Services

With the new team in place, activities for VZM picked up again with improving results for 2019. It was another good year for VZM with the start of several new projects and expansion of the number of customers.

The Diversium organized in May was well appreciated by the participants. Frank Walschot, at that moment CEO of SR Technics, made an excellent introduction to the topic Can we still prevent MROs from grounding our aircraft?

Ron van der Meulen won the 21st VZM Dutch Aviation Open golf tournament. He is one of the few people who attended almost all editions of this event from the start in 1999.

In March VZM published for the 19th time its Market Outlook for commercial aviation & maintenance with capacity constraints as central theme.

Both the Market Outlook and a summary of the Diversium are freely accessible for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter at the VZM Publication page. Subscription is free of charge and without any obligations.