VZM Management Services

In 2013 the aviation industry in Europe was slowly recovering for both airlines and MROs. It was also a booming year for VZM. Turnover and profits were showing double digit growth with the majority of the activities in France, Sweden and the UK. And once more the customer base was further expanded.

Around two-third of the revenues were related with interim-management support, the remaining with consultancy projects. The projects concerned developing and optimizing organizations, improving the operational performance and launching the new regional airline HOP! in France.

In 2013 the VZM team changed with the rejoining of Ronald van den Bergh in January. In September René van Doorn became a member of the team. He has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry working at executive level. René has an extensive track record in business process re-engineering, change management, M&A project management, and business development creating business growth in both aircraft engine manufacturing as well as engine overhaul & repair.

The 15th VZM Dutch Aviation Open Golf Tournament was won by Leo van Rijn of KLM. The number of participants was one of the highest in the history of the tournament hosted by VZM Management Services. Weather made players changing rain gears several times during the match, but no one let this spoil their day and once more all participants enjoyed the reunion and a nice day of golf.

In March VZM published the 13th edition of its popular Market Outlook, which can be found at the VZM Publication page, freely accessable for subscribers to the VZM Newsletter. Subscription is free of charge and without any obligations.