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Linear Thinking in a Nonlinear World shows in a simple and effective way the dangers of linear thinking of the human brain, as nonlinear phenomena are all around in business. By mapping out the relationship in data visualizations helps to make this clear, and helps making choices that maximize the desired outcome.
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2017)


Stop the Meeting Madness describes a five-step process to improve meetings, as many organizations suffer from too much time spend in meetings, who are often poorly timed, and/or badly run.
(Harvard Business Review, July-August 2017)


What Sets Successful CEOs Apart presents the results of an in-depth analysis of executives, showing that top performers demonstrate four specific business behaviors: deciding with speed and conviction, engaging for impact, adapting proactively, and delivering reliably. Charisma, confidence, and pedigree all have little bearing on CEO success, it turns out
(Harvard Business Review, May-June 2017)


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