VZM Management Services

Turn Around Management

Over the course of more than a dozen projects the VZM Management Team has demonstrated very effective turn around management results. A typical response for this type of support request is to send in a team of 2 or 3 experts, with one of the team members placed in a leadership position as interim-executive. The remaining team members operate as supportive consultants at operational and tactical levels in the organization.

The VZM team typically needs only a few weeks to make an assessment of the organization using the extensive experience of each of the members. Even companies lacking effective management data can often be assessed in this time period.

While implementing quick improvement measures, the VZM team starts building improvement plans with managers and employees from within the organization. Often elements of these plans are simultaneously implemented with the support of the VZM team.

Typical areas of team focus are short term cost reductions, turn-time or dispatch reliability improvements, smarter sales and more effective performance management.

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